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How to Make a Clutch Purse with Garland

How to Make a Clutch Purse photo

Have you ever wanted to make a fun little clutch that you can whip up quickly, but looks amazing?  If so, you are in the right place.

Clutch Sewing Tutorial

In the picture above here, you can clearly see that I am ready for a night out with my hubby.  I’ve got my cute little clutch in hand, my skinny jeans on, and my new red leather ballet flats on (that I made from my Ballet Flats Sewing Pattern).  It’s a good day!

Let keep things simple.  Click on the orange link button below to download the free pdf sewing pattern to make your own Two-Tone Clutch.

Download here

Here’s what you’ll need for this project.

Materials List

Now that you’ve downloaded the pattern and gathered up your materials.  Let’s get started!

Cut out your fabrics


So at this point you should have cut out: 2 top front accent fabric pieces (polka dot fabric), 1 lining strap closure, 1 exterior strap closure, 2 bottom front clutch fabric pieces (black fabric on top right), 2 lining pieces (yellow multi colored fabric, and 4 fusible interfacings pieces, and 1 strap interfacing piece.


Sew Strap Closure

Iron on the strap interfacing piece.  Then place strap closure pieces right sides together and sew around, but not all the way around.  It can be difficult to turn the strap right side out if you sew a complete “U” shape.  Let’s leave some wiggle room to turn this right side out.  We’ll sew the edge up in a minute.



To help our curved seam to lay flat when we turn it right side out, let’s use some pinking shears to trim off the excess seam.  If you don’t have pinking shears, just make little notches along the curve of the seam with the tip of your scissors.


sew topstitch strap


Just to confirm what the picture above suggests,  turn the strap right side out, pin the open edge, and topstitch around the strap as I have done here in the picture above.


Sew the back of the clutch


Lay the strap and bottom front clutch pieces right sides together.  You can sew a basting stitch to keep your strap in place if you’d like, or you can pin it.   Then as you see on the right side of the picture here, just lay the top pattern right side down and sew across.


Sew front of clutch

Once your done sewing the front of the clutch and pressing the seam, topstitch across as you see in the picture below.




Sew garland on

Below is a photo I took after I sewed on the garland.  You can sew the garland on with your machine, or you can hand sew them on if you are new to sewing.    I used embroidery thread for the garland hanging line.


Here’s a picture of how my garland hanging line looks from the back.



Time to add some stability and structure to this clutch!

Iron on Fusible Interfacing


Sew CLutch together

We want more space inside of our clutch, so let’s make this clutch three dimensional by boxing out the corners.

Box out the corners

I’ve turned the lining right side up and upside down to show you how the boxed corners should look once your done.



As I mentioned before, you will need to repeat step 8 for the exterior clutch as well.  Once they are both boxed out, insert the lining into the clutch as shown below.  When you look inside the clutch, you should be looking at the beautiful lining side of your lining fabric.




Let’s finish this pretty little clutch off with some 1/4″ double folded bias tape to hide those raw edges on top.


Sew on the bias tape

Now we are ready to slowly and carefully secure our bias tape in place.  Start with the raw end (meaning: not the end you just folded in the picture above).  Start where you see the pink binding clip in the picture below.  Press and pinch the bias tape in place to secure it as you wrap it around the top.  Secure with binding clips, pins, or bobby pins.  Whatever you have.




After a few minutes the glue should be dry.  Sew the bias tape in place.

DSC_0093  DSC_0099

Sew on your button.



Measure your button and then prepare to make a button hole.  You can make a button hole with your machine or you can make a hand sewn button hole.  Just do a quick search on Youtube for a tutorial on how to do it.


Congratulations, you’re all done!  Please share what you’ve made with me on Instagram or in my Facebook group.  I want to see what color combinations your coming up with and your fantastic creation!