Shoe Sole Sheets

Here are my four favorite types of soling materials to use for my own handmade shoes that I make.  Click on the type of soling you’re interested in to learn more and purchase if you choose to do so.

Make a Custom Moldable Sole for Your Handmade Shoes!8" Flexible Gum Crinkle Soling Sheets Picture

1-8" Insole SheetsSewable Waterproof Soling Fabric


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.58.02 PM


7 thoughts on “Shoe Sole Sheets

  1. Dr. Haq

    Hi , Cheri ! It’s nice to ” find” you ! 🙂 Congratulations for your artistic work ! I love it ! Do you send supply items to Ireland also ? Thank you ! Best regards , Angela .

  2. Jenni

    Hi Cheri.i love ur work.its amazing.ill really love to try can I get d supplies esp. d sew able waterproof soling fabric.jay(Nigeria).

  3. Taniya

    Hi Cheri,

    Thank you so very much for posting your video on making shoes!! Jut a quick question, what type of material have you used for example the green pair of shoe on your website? Thank you and keep up the good work… ?


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