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Free Funky Fox Ears Sewing Pattern by Living DIY Style!

Time for a free pattern!  My first free pattern ever I might add.  I have a long list of free patterns I want to release over the next year, but this one kept begging to be first, so I gave in.  And I’m happy I did, I think you guys and your kids are going to love this super cute quick pattern!  You will find the Free Fox Ears Pattern at the bottom of this post.


Did I mention this pattern is not just for kids?  Yup, it comes in adult sizes too!  For some reason I just couldn’t get myself motivated to put on my Fox Ears and have the kids take pictures of me.  Sorry guys!  Maybe next time:)


Learn how to sew fox ears for free!



I love that these Funky Fox Ears will keep her ears nice and warm when it’s cold outside!

Free fox ears patterns

Hey, and check this out!  Remember the Animal Hoodie Pattern I sell with the Bear Ears?  Well now you can swap out the bear ears for fox ears!  Just use the fox ears in place of the bear ears when you get to that part of the tutorial.  I just added a section to the Animal Hoodie tutorial entitled “How to Add Fox Ears”.  It shows you how to sew up the fox ears and how to sew them in.  How cool is that?!


Combine Free Fox Ears Pattern with Bear Hoodie to make a Fox Hoodie

I have a little story for you guys today.  Did you know that before I started designing sewing patterns I used to crochet like a mad woman?  Yes, it’s true!  When my oldest daughter was about two years old I started designing and crocheting lots of animal hats for her to wear.  She absolutely loved them.  I felt a deep sense of satisfaction as I saw how much these little animal hats were helping her to use her imagination.  Then when other kids came over she would get the hats out and they would all start jumping around and having a great time in their imaginary worlds.  Precious times without a doubt.


Animal Hoodie by Living DIY Style

Inevitably she kept growing, but sadly the hats did not.  However, her desire to still play with them was still going strong!   I had to chuckle as I watched her trying to cram and squeeze her head into these little toddler hats I had made so long ago.  That’s when I decided it was time to put my hand to designing and come up with a kid friendly animal hat/hoodie.  It’s been two years since then and they’ve gotten plenty of use out of them.  But better yet, the pretend play lives on!


Animal Hoodie Sewing Pattern and Free Fox Ears Sewing Pattern

Now when their friends come over,  all the fox ears come out!  Whenever I start working with a pattern, I make a ton of them before I make my final piece for pictures.  So needless to say, they’ve got LOTS of Fox Ears to play with now.  I think they’re happy about it!


Fleece Animal Hoodie Sewing Pattern by Living DIY Style Free Fox Ears Pattern

So I would love to hear your thoughts on this new free pattern.  What do you think?  Do you like it?  Let me know how they turn out for you in the comments below!

Download Free Funky Fox Ears