1/8″ Flexible Gum Crinkle Outsole for Shoe Making

8" Flexible Gum Crinkle Soling Sheets Picture

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Click here to watch a video about how I attach this soling to a pair of machine sewn oxford shoes here: How to Attach Soling to Handmade Shoes the Easy Way.

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For those of you who prefer to shop on Amazon, I have provided links for you too.  You can select color and thickness when you go there to purchase.I used 7 iron for this project.  Here are the links on Amazon:

This is a link for (1) 15″x30″ sheet of 1/8″  Black, Natural, or Tobacco Gum Crinkle soling shoe making material.

This is a video I made to show you how to attach Flexible Gum Crinkle Soling.


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